Hanne Darboven: 24 Gesänge. Organ concert in the Markuskirche

Concert, Video 04.12.15

"The final result of my work will be music. The total abstraction of art is music. – It has always been this and will continue to be such for me." (Hanne Darboven)

For Darboven, music was just as important as other art forms. Beginning in 1980, she created extensive compositions in which she translated numerical calculations into music. She regarded this "musicalization" as an integral part of her work – a kind of "Gesamtkunstwerk."
As part of the exhibition "Hanne Darboven. Enlightenment" at Haus der Kunst, which focuses on topics related to cultural history, music, literature, and the sciences, her composition "24 Gesänge" will be performed by organist Alexander Moosbrugger.

Alexander Moosbrugger is a freelance composer and has lived in Berlin since 2001. He studied the organ, harpsicord, and philosophy in Feldkirch, Vienna, Stuttgart, and Berlin. His compositions – primarily chamber music – are performed around the world, in venues including the Konzerthaus Berlin, King's College Cambridge, and the Basilica dei Frari in Venice. Moosbrugger has held teaching positions in Geneva, Linz, and Berlin since 2011.

Venue: Markuskirche, Gabelsbergerstraße 6, 80333 Munich

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