Open Seminar: Exploring "Frank Bowling: Mappa Mundi"

01.12.17, 10:15 am

Students of the Department of Theory and History of Architecture, Art and Design at the Technical University, Munich, have organized an art education program for visitors to Frank Bowling's exhibition "Mappa Mundi". The program will focus on Bowling's "Map Paintings", which will be viewed and discussed from the perspective of postcolonial theories and terms, including cartography and beauty.

The public seminar will be moderated by Sarah Hegenbart, academic assistant at the Department of Theory and History of Architecture, Art and Design at the Technical University, Munich; by Anna Schneider, co-curator of the exhibition at Haus der Kunst; and by Sabine Brantl, Curator Archive and Head of Learning at Haus der Kunst.

Fridays, 10:15  11:45 am
27.10.17 22.12.17 in Haus der Kunst
Free with exhibition entrance No registration required
12.01.18 09.02.18 at the Technical University, Munich (lecture seminar)
Free registration requested:

27 October: Introduction to the exhibition and to the Frank Bowling Archive
3 November: A new cartography of the world. Decolonization and Neocolonialism
10 November: Form and process. Constructions of identity
17 November: There will be no seminar
24 November: Figurative abstraction. The "Map Paintings" and Abstract Expressionism; Epic form: maps and history painting
1 December: Black beauty. Biography, identity, heritage
8 December: Discourses on beauty. Clement Greenberg and Frank Bowling
22 December: Frank Bowling’s references to the tradition of English landscape painting and other European models
12 January: Mythical landscapes and the Atlantic sublime19 January: Black art and negritude
26 January: Black Skin, white masks and the black subject (Frantz Fanon)
2 February: The Black Atlantic and Double (un)Conscious (Paul Gilroy)
9 February: Closing session

Mazaurnitankfeat, 1979; Devil’s Sole, 1980; Bartica Bressary, 1978-79; Installationsaufnahme: Maximilian Geuter.

Stretch your view

Stretch your view