Frank Bowling: Mappa Mundi

Workshop 6 until 12 years Saturday, 25.11, 2 pm

Film-Workshop: "Without Words"

Frank Bowling introduces us to a new sensation of space! The large format of his paintings draws us into his world of images. Countries and continents appear in a unique world of colours. Can colour create a sense of space? Without using words, you can expand on this idea in a special dark atelier containing projections of Bowling’s paintings. Through movement alone, you will tell your story inspired by his works in a game of shadows. We film this performance of silhouettes together, and you choose the accompanying music or audio.

For years 6 and up
4 h, € 25/ person; registration required
For private groups on your desired date

Children and Youth Program
+49 89 21127 118

Stretch your view

Stretch your view