Frank Bowling: Mappa Mundi

Workshop 6 until 12 years Saturday, 06.01, 11 am

Art Lab I: Splash, drip, pour, splatter ... an experiment with colour

What a mess! In Frank Bowling's paintings, there is much to discover. Shells, packaging material, finds from his studio and much more cover his pictures. No matter that you do not recognize everything: the artist has hidden the objects under layers of colourful paint. If figures are discernible in some works, he soon abandons them, turning the canvas over to the power of paint. Together, we explore the artist's works in the exhibition and then experiment with paint and colour to see what they can create - from splashing, foaming water to dark calm marshes.

Other offers:
Media workshop: Saturday, 29.07; 26.08 /2 pm-6 pm (age 6 and above)
Family studio: Sunday, 13.08; 03.09 / 11 am-1.30 pm
Kids listen in: Monday, 14.08 /4.30 pm-5.30 pm (age 0 and above)



For children 6 to 12
2.5 h / 9 € / person; registration required
For private groups on your desired date

Children and Youth Program
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Photo Marion Vogel

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