Eventful and constantly changing: For more than 75 years, Haus der Kunst has undergone historic transformations. In 2012, the institution commemorated two important anniversaries — the 75th of its opening in 1937 under the Nazis and the 20th since the establishment of the private-public Stiftung Haus der Kunst München GmbH in 1992.

"From 1937 to the present, the museum’s evolution has involved a series of marked shifts, from hosting the "Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung” [Great German Art Exhibition] from 1937 to 1944, to serving as the officer’s casino for the United States army from 1945 to 1955. Over the years, the building has been inhabited by several institutions or used for other purposes. Throughout the 1950s and until the late 1980s, it served as an exhibition hall hosting an eclectic mix of exhibition formats and genres. In the 1990s it became a museum with a structured program devoted to classical modernism, and since 2003 it has served as a museum devoted almost exclusively to contemporary art. 
Haus der Kunst is a work in progress. Paradoxically, the combination of being a work in progress embedded in a landscape of constant transition provides a surprising coherence to what makes Haus der Kunst both unique and exemplary." Okwui Enwezor